Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday!

I'm a little behind this week and the blog has been quiet. Sorry for that!

The weather has just been so beautiful around here Grace and I have been busy enjoying it and spending time at the park and going on walks all week. My favorite.

What better way to end the week than my High Five for Friday highlights?!?
I'm linking up with Lauren at Check our her blog if you ever have the chance.

1. This weather has been awesome!

I wish fall would never end.

2. This #hashtag video by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon is hysterical. They are my favorite comedic duo ever!

3. Grace has an alphabet book and she has had me sing the song to her at least 100 times this week. No joke. I keep catching her carrying the book around the house (she also has been taking it in the car with her) and "singing". Its the cutest.

4. As I said earlier, we have spent quite a bit of time at the park this week. One of our nearby parks has lots of ducks and Grace just loves them. This little lady has no fear of animals.

5. This is just good stuff right here. Brought me right back to our Monday Meditation.

 I am working on some new posts so check back soon. 

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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