Sunday, September 8, 2013

4 Years

4 years.
Yes, that's right.

4 years is how long its taken me to sit down and do the work to get this blog started. When I see it written its hard for me to believe too! 

I can remember the exact time and place God laid it on my heart to start writing a blog. I was in a hotel room in Fargo, ND. I was working in corporate sales at the time and traveling at least three nights a week- every week- to exiting places such as Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and the Dakotas. You're jealous already aren't you?

I was eagerly praying and seeking God's plan and purpose for my life when the idea to start a blog just dropped into my heart and I immediately knew it was what I should do. I set right out in obedience (HA!) and got the domain name, and started writing that evening. 

But that was when the doubt crept in. 

What if nobody read what I had to say? 

What if I had nothing to say?

What if what I had to say people hated?

Writing a blog is complicated- how will I figure it out?

You know how it goes. Any time we are about to step out in faith these voices seem to get deafening.

And I am ashamed to say I listened and delayed obedience. I let the enemy win. For FOUR YEARS! 

Even after numerous people out of the blue told me I should start a blog.
After a professor told me I had a gift for writing.
After my husband told me I needed to blog.

All without me telling anyone about what God has laid on my heart.

How many times did I need God to remind me?!? Talk about delayed obedience. Sheesh.

All I needed was a good and final kick in the pants that came in the form of a Bible study I was a part of this summer. The subject was Gideon and the first two weeks of lessons were on delayed obedience.

For real.
You can't say God doesn't have a sense of humor.

I am sure he was smiling and shaking his head as I was reading and praying through those first few weeks of lessons.

Ok God! I got the message. 

So alas, here I am at the beginning of a blogging journey. Praying God can use this little thing to connect with others. Maybe bless them in the process. Or make them laugh. Or shake their head. Any response is fine with me really. 

I intend to use this little space to write about what I'm learning in my faith journey, some of the times I mess up and fail along the way, about my experiences as a stay at home mom to the sweetest little girl (I'm biased), and to share all the things I love (which include anything to do with fashion, cooking, cheese, fitness, and healthy living).

Here we go!

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