Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Meditation

I'm a day late (again) this week. Better late then never!

My scripture meditation this week is inspired by a new sermon series that was started at our church on money. Its always a tough subject for me because each time I hear a message about money, I am reminded how I often let my bank account determine my identity and happiness.

I first had a huge awakening regarding this matter when I quit my job and decided to stay home full time. Suddenly our budget was quite a bit tighter and I had to give up some of my former spending habits.

I was quite grumpy about it for a little while. I definitely let it steal my peace and joy.

I didn't realize how attached I had become to a paycheck. How much of my happiness, identity, and security was in that money I received twice per month.

Can anyone relate here?

After much prayer and repentance, God really did change my heart (and continues to do so) about money, and also about how I was spending my time and using my gifts.

This verse is a great reminder to me and a motivation to continually evaluate how I spend my time, talents, and money.

Matthew 6:21 (AMP)
21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The places/people/things that we invest our time and money into tell us a lot about where our heart is and what is most important to us. 

I believe God gives us these three things (time, talent, finances) as tools for us to use to accomplish his plan and purposes for our lives. It is our responsibility to live in obedience and to steward these blessings to bring people closer to Jesus. That is what we are here for!

I pray that today this verse would be an encouragement to you to take a look at where you are investing yourself. 

Be blessed today friends!

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