Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

When I am loving something- I want to shout it from the rooftops and share with everyone! I obsessively talk about these things to anyone I come in contact with. Just ask my poor husband.

Example: When I bought my new phone I immediately called my sister and convinced her it was such a good deal she needed to get one. I told my sister in law too. Multiple times. True story.

Which is why I have decided to go ahead and try share what I am currently loving from time to time so you can love them too! And I can spare my family's sanity. Haha.

You are welcome.

1. Downton Abbey is back!!! I cannot express my love for this show in words. I love the costumes, the setting, the cast, and Dame Maggie Smith is the best! I watched Season 3 again last week just to have it fresh in my memory.

The season premiere was soooo good! I won't post any spoilers here yet.... but it was so good I even think I might get over the fact that they killed Matthew Crawley off the show. I may or may not have already watched the premiere three times. #superfan

2. Old Navy Active Wear

I am sure I have mentioned here my love for all things fitness and working out. As much as I love working out- I do not love spending lots of $$ for workout wear.

I received a pair of the compression fit capri's for Christmas and I absolutely loved them! So much that I went and purchased another pair and the compression fit tank pictured above. The best part is they were having a flash sale so I got each piece for $10!!! Unbelievable.

All three items are super comfy and wash really well. I highly recommend them if you are looking for affordable workout wear!

3. This article titled "Raising World Changers" by Jen Hatmaker.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Hypersheltering creates two things: judgment and fear. Neither are helpful lenses for the next generation to view their mission field. They cannot be too prideful to connect with diverse people nor too terrified to venture out to the margins. Rather, our goal is to send them out informed and ready, brave and merciful, taking Jesus to the dark corners and the sad places, hope-bearers moving the kingdom forward and changing the world the same way it has always been transformed: one person at a time."

So good. I love this perspective. It is something I often find myself wondering what this will look like in our family once my child(ren) are school age.

4. IPhone 5C

Over the Christmas Holiday there were some seriously good deals on IPhones, and since I was eligible for an upgrade I went ahead and took advantage. I ended up getting this phone for free from Target! (I chose the white one)

It was on sale for $30 and they gave me a $30 Target gift card. I had a $10 gift card so I came out on top by $10! Awesome. #ilovetarget

I love the 4G service and how much faster it works than my IPhone 4! Plus I can FaceTime without having to be connected to wifi. Total win.

5. Barre Workouts

You may or may not be familiar with the latest workout trend that is Barre. Different barre studios are popping up everywhere and I have been dying to try it, but hesitant to fork out the $22 per class when I already have a gym membership.

Lucky for me my gym is introducing barre classes into the group fitness schedule. I went to the intro class last week and man my biscuits were burning! It was a fun class and while I would probably not take it in place of my beloved spin or HIIT and strength classes, its a great class to add in to the mix and works muscles I never knew I had!

I would definitely recommend trying this format if you have the opportunity. But beware- your buns, quads, and calves will be begging for mercy by the end! #hurtssogood

So there it is folks!

Tell me- what are you loving right now? I would love to know!


  1. I'm loving my new iPhone 5S and the T25 workouts.

  2. I've heard so much about Downtown Abbey! I'm not a big t.v. person. In fact, I don't watch t.v. I usually catch shows on hulu or the net. I just might have to take a look.
    From you new SITS tribe sister.