Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Favorites: Christian Resources

You would think that I would be churning out the blog posts this week since we have been stuck inside and at home due to the insanely low temperatures and ridiculous amount of snow we have been experiencing here in Michigan. 


Unfortunately those plans were derailed by a very sick little girl who has required endless snuggles, movies, and book reading these past four days. Is it bad I don't mind? I am soaking up every bit of this extra love and attention now because it will be over all too fast.

Since my attitude has needed some shaping up (I have been a pitiful mess of pouting, spouting declarations of how much I hate snow/winter, as well as begging my husband to look for a job in the Caribbean- no luck there folks-) I have been working to get my joy back despite this horrendous weather and get in the word and regularly talkin' to God a bit more. 

I have been wanting some new material for reading/listening which is the inspiration behind this post.

I just love sharing my favorite things with others. I might have mentioned this before here.

And I especially love when other people share their favorite things with me!

Which is why I have decided to share from time to time, some of my favorite things in the hopes that readers will reciprocate in the comments section. Or via email. Whatever works.

I love to ask others what Christian resources they like best. Because, lets be honest- a google search only gets you so far when you are looking for books, sermons, devotionals, etc. There is a LOT to sift through to find something you love.

Most of the time for me, asking others is the best way to find new resources to help me deepen my faith and my walk with Christ (outside of church and bible study).

So I picked 5 of my recent go-to favorites to share with you!

This is a really popular devotional book right now- and after purchasing one for myself, I can see why. For those who feel crunched for time but still want to get into a daily devotional, this is amazing. It is a one page daily devotional with 3-4 verses. I love that it is written as though it is God speaking to you. It is incredibly thought provoking. I believe that there is an app as well for smart phone users that is $9.99 if you prefer it for on the go use.

I recently did this Gideon study as part of our women's group at church. There is a video series that goes with it as well. It is fantastic if you are looking for a more in depth study, and it does involve some homework. 

Let me tell you it is worth it! This study is one of the best I have ever done. I learned so much about obedience and surrender. I still go back to look through my book and would sign up to do it again because it was that good. If you are looking for material for a small group study- check this one out!

 I love to download podcasts and listen to them on car rides, and sometimes I will listen to a sermon during lunch. I have been working my way through Mark Driscoll's sermon series on the Ten Commandments and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Pastor Mark doesn't sugar coat biblical truth and I love that he always has such good insight regarding religious theology that is included in the sermon content. Plus he is funny! I have never walked away from listening to his material without a nugget of truth that I think on for at least 24 hours after.

Kim Walker-Smith is such an anointed worship leader and song writer. She has a beautiful voice and this song is just such a wonderful message about the way God loves us. It came up on Pandora and I was thrilled to discover some of her new(er) music!

5. Book: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer


This book is life changing. I struggled with anxiety and my thought life (and still do sometimes) and this book helped me so much. Through it I learned to take every thought captive and declare Christ's promises over my life. It made me more conscious of the thoughts I am thinking. I am a day dreamer and very much in my head- which can be a bad thing. I also completed the 10 day YouVersion devotional through the app on my IPhone which gives little snippets of the book and a verse for each day. If you struggle with these same issues- read this book or do the devotional- or both! You won't regret it.

There you have it friends- my recent favorite Christian resources. Please tell me yours! 

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